Thursday, December 08, 2016
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December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month Millions of toys are out there, and hundreds of new ones hit the stores each year. Toys are supposed to be fun and are in an important part of any child's development. But each year, scores of kids are treated in hospital emergency departments for toy-related injuries. Read the Full Story
World AIDS Day Every year on December 1, WORLD AIDS DAY is commemorated. In many ways, this year will be remembered as a watershed year in the fight against AIDS:  Read the Full Story
National Influenza Vaccination Week Learn the best way to stop the flu - click here. Read the Full Story
National Handwashing Awreness Week Learn more here. Read the Full Story

Nodaway County Health Center

What Is Public Health?


Public health in Nodaway County

Have you or a family member eaten in a restaurant, taken your child to a licensed day care, or received an immunization or flu shot?  Then you have benefited from public health.

County Health Departments were created by Missouri statute back in the 1930s and their primary functions were caring for the indigent, tracking and controlling disease outbreaks, and conducting environmental inspections to assure food and water safety.  Most health departments consisted of a nurse working for the county commission.

We still perform the CORE functions today.  For example, we continuously monitor the county for communicable disease and must investigate confirmed cases to help contain a possible outbreak.

Since that time, most county health department, including yours in Nodaway County, are supported by a mill tax of their own, and provide many services designed to educate and prevent, not just treat and protect.

A short list of a few of the services we offer

  • Health screenings such as lead and hemoglobin
  • Education opportunities
  • Restaurant, daycare and lodging inspections
  • Immunizations, including flu and shingles
  • WIC (Women, Infants and Children) federal nutrition program
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Emergency Preparedness

Unfortunately, many residents continue to believe that our services are only for low-income residents.  In fact, MOST of our services have not income guidelines and are available or at a small cost to ALL residents of Nodaway County.

Read more: What Is Public Health?




Would you like to lend a hand?

Volunteer for one day, one hour, one week - any amount of time.

Every minute you give is priceless to the person you help.

Please call 660-562-2755

Got Mold?

Don't panic

Molds can be found almost anywhere; they can grow on virtually any substance provided moisture is present. Learn how you can prevent it's spread and avoid allergic reactions.

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Flu Shot Clinic


Flu shots available.

For children, please call and schedule an appointment.


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